Commercial Construction Trends

The lagging economy has affected all types of businesses and the construction industry has been no exception. New home construction has fallen off considerably in recent months and following right behind has been a slowdown in commercial construction. Government stimulus initiatives are helping to keep things moving somewhat, but our economy is far from out of the woods. As a result, it is essential that businesses of all kinds operate on a very cost efficient basis.

The profitability of any commercial construction project is largely determined by the effectiveness of the planning both before and during the construction process. When money is tight, efficiency is the name of the game. Materials and resources of all kinds must be carefully planned and monitored for maximum profitability. Delays mean lost profits and very few commercial construction companies can afford lost profits, particularly now.

Using a design-build contractor, a project delivery business, can provide construction companies with exactly what they need to bring their project in on time and within budget. Sometimes a general contractor will perform this function, but other design professionals such as architects and engineers can also offer this type of service. This prevents wasteful overlap between the designer and the builder.

An efficient design-builder professional has all the personnel they need to carry out a project quickly and efficiently. While the amount of time it takes to complete each part of the project may end up being the same, the transition between phases is often quicker. The designers and the builders come together to collaborate on a project and the result is a smoother running construction schedule.

There may be little savings on the construction costs themselves, but there can be significant savings on the project as a whole. This can often make the difference between being able to undertake a project and having to shelve it.

In addition, there are many other benefits to using a design-build contractor for a construction project. There is often much better communication between the design-build service and the owner of the project. The service provider is aware of the need for high accountability and is willing to provide this information often and in detail. The client can rely on one single source for the completion of the project and efficient communication provides the client with a sense of confidence.

At a time when commercial construction projects are falling by the wayside because of a lack of funds, and construction companies are going out of business from too many cost overruns, it is essential for those that do have work to carry them out with the least amount of waste. Low profit margins can still be enough to keep a business functioning if a project is brought in on time and within budget.

Using a design-build company to carry out a commercial construction project is the most efficient way for a construction company to stay afloat during these difficult economic times. Because of the effectiveness of this method, it has become a popular trend in commercial construction.

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